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World Government and an American Immigrant author L Adamic

World Government and an American Immigrant author Louis Adamic

 多民族国家オーストリア・ハンガリー帝国(のちのユーゴスラヴィア王国/ユーゴスラヴィア社会主義連邦、その後スロヴェニア共和国)に生まれたL・アダミックにとって、多民族共存、共生、政治的、文化的多様性なる思想はむしろ必然のものでした。1930年代半ばから40年代にかけて、彼は東欧(バルカン)連邦やヨーロッパ合州国(EU連合)を提案したり、国連の改革を提言したりしていましたが、以下は「世界政府(World Government)」の一例です。20世紀は「戦争」「国家(主義・イデオロギー)」の時代でした。21世紀は「環境」「人権」そして「多様性」(あらゆる意味で)のボーダレスな時代であろうと私は思いますが、この「核」の時代にあって、今日ほど「国連」の改革 -「世界政府(World Government)への道」- が必要な時代はないでしょう。この辺りのことについて、私のホームページで少し「世界を震撼させた米同時多発テロとその後の世界」に記してありますので、ご関心がある方は合わせて読んでいたただけたら幸いです。

★妻ステーラからルイス・アダミックへの手紙ステーラはアダミックの執筆・プロジェクトのよき理解者であり協力者でした。アダミック自身も書いているように、彼女の物心両面の支援なくしては初期の重要な作品『ダイナマイト』も『ジャングルの中の笑い 』も存在しませんでした。

 以下は「世界政府(world government)」についてです。

☆From Stella to Louis AdamicDear Louis:  Jan.14’49  

In the course of correspondence with Henry Wallace,I ventured to tell him that some of his good followers were a bit worried by the rumors that he might give the world federation or world government movement a degree of support with which we would not agree.He replied promptly,saying he was ‘so glad’I had raised the subject.Here are excerpts from his letter of January 10th: 

‘…under no circumstances would I be active in any organization designed to isolate eastern Europe and China from the rest of the world.I agree completely and whole-heartedly with you that any plan to organize and federate the ‘Capitalist world’ would only bring war and universal destruction.Personally I can stand for no World government or World Federation unless both the United States and the USSR are members.But I do say that the ultimate objective is such agreement between the United States and the USSR that both will be willing to see the U.N.or the World Government equipped with an armed might greater than both of them combined. There is no reason why there should not a peaceful co-existence of the Communist states and the Capitalistic states in one world.I would hope and plan for World Government but I would know that such hopes and plans are utterly futile unless and until there is complete understanding between the United States and Russia.  

The idea of imposing world government on Russia first by isolation,second by economic pressure,and third by world government,is utterly fantastic.I shall not fall into that trap.’

Tine Kurent, “PISMA LOUISA ADAMICA NECAKU TINETU” (Letters by Louis Adamic to his nephew Tine) ,Dve domovini/Two Homelands-9-1998,27-53:Centre of Scientific Research of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts The Institute for Slovene Emigration Research;

The future, ours and the world's, is in unity within diversity.Melting Pot is a poor phrase and concept. It means everybody is to be turned into something else with heart. The future, ours and the world's, is in unity within diversity. Our various backgrounds are important and valuable, but, in the long run, not in themselves, not as something perfect and final. They are important and valuable only as material for our future American culture. As I say, we have a chance to create a universal, a pan-human culture, more satisfying than anything humanity has as yet devised or experienced. The American Dream is a lovely thing, but to keep it alive, to keep it from turning onto a Nightmare, every once in while we've got to wake up.

From Many Land,1940 p.301 - L Adamic

A Free World State
I am for a free Jewish homeland in Palestine which is not anything exclusive and separate but a part of a world organized upon the basis of an intense consciousness of all people's interdependence and also for a free Slovenia, a free Croatia, and a free Serbia in a free Balkan or southeast-European confederation in a free United Europe, which is part of a free World State.
-The New Palestine,November28,1942- L Adamic

I am not born for one corner; the whole world is my native land.
-- Seneca The Stoic (First Century)”
My Native Land (1943) by Louis Adamic

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Title 世界政府と移民作家ルイス・アダミックへの手紙
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