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The EU A Slovene-American Immigrant authour forsaw

The EU A Slovene-American Immigrant writer forsaw

"EU" and Louis Adamic
(Public lecture in NewYork 1941)

On November 8, 1941, at the Hotel Pierre in New York City, Adamic spoke to 600 members of New York Branch of the American Association of University Women. His topic consisted of part f his ARM (The American Reconstruction Mission) concept; but as I have noted about all of the Two-Way Passage idea, in America Adamic's idea got shoved off to the Left. But here is the New York Times report of Adamic's remarks: "Louis Adamic, author, presenting his idea for the reconstruction of Europe, proposed that there be organized in this country twenty-odd provisional government ... to be made into federated parts of a continental European State. Mr.Adamic suggested ("Women"). Adamic's remarks "and so on " seem to me to be something like a description of the proposed non-communist New Europe of 1992 into which Adamic's native Slovenia, and perhaps Croatia, and perhaps all Yugoslavia hopes to, ought to, needs to, must (?) merge. So I'm not quite ready to let Louis Adamic go just yet . . .

"Women Scholars Active in Wartime", New York Times. 9 November, 1941.

"Literature, Culture and Ethnicity-Studies on Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Literatures" by Dr.Henry A.Christian 1993

"On the eve of Bulgarian and Romanian accession to the European Union,
Vice-President Franco Frattini, Commissioner responsible for Justice,
Freedom and Security made the following statement:
Finally, I am convinced that Bulgaria and Romania are amongst those
Member States acknowledging the need to improve decision making process
in the area of freedom, security and justice and supporting efforts to
achieving precisely that." Europa EU Press Room

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No Border, No more War but...

- イヴァン(スロヴェニア・ビート詩人)1993年 -

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