Thursday, January 11, 2007

The LAST SAMURAI Beast for the 'biological diversity'

The LAST SAMURAI Beast for the 'biological diversity'(biodiversity)
Man is a great creative power, but he/she/shehe/heshe can not learn the biological diversity from us. We learn it from the weed, Y-es WEED! So YOU, Back to the Nature!
But We don't have the knowledge the word about 'biological diversity'.
Just our big vacant eyes observe the Land grow
and pay attention to the viorent action of the Human being.
ALAS! however, we can't speak about it!
In Japan, they say the Samurai(warrior) like us don't speak so much!
Our Buddy who loves the diversity would always say "the samurai never tells a lies ."
And as Spring came, our buddy say with his closed eyes,
"The cherry blossoms among flowers, the samurai among men."
OHH NOO!! We want to Live along with OUR EARTH!-Yes Not Yours!
The WEED agreed without a word.

環境省 生物多様性センター

Scott Nearing- A Forerunner of the "Back to the Land"!

The LAST SAMURAI Beast for the 'biological diversity'
Copyright c Shouzou Tahara

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