Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SLOVENIA-Best Beautiful Place for travelers in the world!

"Love for fatherland is almost always platonic."
-Zarko Petan(Slovenian Author), Aphorism

Bred Lake, a beautiful place in the northern part of Slovenia

* * *

 Stella and I sat on a stone under a low-hanging bough of a great hemlock at the clearing's edge and watched the lake below slip into shadow. Then we heard the sound of hurrying hob-nailed boots on the steep, gravelly Triglav trail ... and a moment later a boy and a girl bounded into the refulgent shimmer and stopped short at the convergence of trails, where the knoll was highest and the view best.

 Facing the lake and the sun, which put a rutilant sheen on their skin, they stood on that spot for possibly ten seconds without moving or saying a word. Then they abruptly faced each other and smiled strangely as though with a private understanding. And thus they remained for another few seconds.

 They were watching the setting sun's trembling light on each other's faces. Then the instant before shadow engulfed the knoll with the rest of the mountainside, the girl rose quickly, eagerly on her toes and the boy bent down a little and pressed his cheek briefly against hers.

 I have never witnessed a more appealing scene or one more filled with drama. For a moment, rising on the tiniest ripple in the time-stream, the boy and the girl were the core of all meaning, the sudden and significant center of everything that lived and mattered.

*Louis Adamic, 'Love in Slovenia' in MY NATIVE LAND, New York and London:Harper&Brothers,1943,pp.3-4

You can read in Japanese translated by Shouzou Tahara-the downloadable ebook site:電子ブックの広場「理想書店」
Ebook title:「南スラブ人の心と情」

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An Immigrant America(1) by Louis Adamic

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