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The Best Ebook for the Japanese Americans,the Nisei,Roots...

"The Nisei 's Problem Is Difficult but Natural"
By Louis Adamic

Mr.Omura, the editor of this magazine, asks me to write for him a brief article or editorial. I can do no better than quote the hero of my story "A young American With a Japanese Face" in my last books. -L Adamic


 " I spent my Easter vacation in 1938 trying to write an essay on the Oriental Americans. I held that the first thing for us to do was to realize that our situation, while difficult, was perfectly natural; in fact inevitable.

 I saw it this way: we are of the most recent immigration, and so still in the acute stage of adjustment to the country, as the country is, in turn, in that stage in relation to us. We have our problem, to be sure; but what can we expect?

 We are marginal people, but more important than that fact is the need for us to see that we are that naturally.

 To cease being marginal, we must proceed from this realization, the only point from which we proceed. We must look both within and outside ourselves, especially for the good and weak things within us. We must start working against our disadvantages . . . . which, to repeat, are perfectly normal: but their being normal does not mean we need to put up with them.

 In America it means the exact opposite. It means we must try to overcome them. If we try, we will do something.

 We must prove ourselves. All the people, group and individuals, who came here had to prove themselves. We must stand up and face the situation, and not withdraw from it and lie down, or sneak around it with various dodges. … "

( Current Life Jan1941)

Translation:Shouzou Tahara(Japan)
Intoduction: Prof.Henry A.Christian
翻訳 田原正三
解説 ヘンリーA クリスチャン

You can download from here:  『日本人の顔をした若いアメリカ人』

 アメリカ人として生まれ、アメリカ人として育ち、教育を受けた「ぼく」は、ある日突然、自分の体内に東洋の血が流れていることに気づかされた。英語を話すジャパニーズ、父の心が解せないアメリカ人の「ぼく」は、いったい何者なのか!? 引き裂かれた心と肉体をひきずった「ぼく」は、どこからも受容されず排除される存在、異端者/ストレンジャーとして、ただただ 1930 年代の流れゆくアメリカを彷徨するばかりだった。

 若いアメリカ日系二世の心の葛藤をあますところなく記録し、この巨大なアメリカ社会の中で共に生きる未来を発見しようとした旧ユーゴスラヴィア出身の移民作家、「30 年代アメリカ文学界の騎手」のひとりでもあったルイス・アダミックによる傑作。原題『A YOUNG AMERICAN WITH A JAPANESE FACE,1940』の翻訳版です。大河ドラマにもなった山崎豊子『二つの祖国』の原点ともいえる作品です。


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The Best Ebook for the Japanese Americans,the Nisei,Roots...
Copyright c Shouzou Tahara

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