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 Ebook: First Version
 "My Friend in Herzegovina" by Louis Adamic
 Translation: Shouzou Tahara (Japan)

 著者ルイス・アダミック / 翻訳 田原 正三

 原題『My America,』(1938)の抽出翻訳書です。

 "very well,then, "he said," and do not forget to let me know
if you ever need me - anytime, anyhere."
I said: "That is our agreemnt. Now good -by, Yovan
Vukomanovich, and good luck always!"
 "Good-bye, my friend!" Then his voice choked.
 We shook hands. I quickly parted from him and he turned
toward his village.
 A half-hour later, driving back to Duburovnik with the top
of the car down, I suddenly caught sight of him, tall and
lank, upon a great cliff by the road-side, his figure
silhouetted against the gray mountain behind him.
 He waved to me. I waved back and tears came to my eyes. He
seemed to me at once infinitely tragic and infinitely
heroic-a big human being-one of the finest I had ever
 For a minute something-perhalps condition in the
atmosphere, perhalps gallant figure, still, calm and firm,
with a tremendous dynmic power, like a statue done by
agreat sculptor.
 The car turned sharply on a curve and that was the last I
saw of my Herzegovinian friend.

Immigrant Ebook(移民 電子ブック) for World Diversity!!

◆電子出版アダミックプレス Ebook AdamicPress ☆民族・国境・時代を越えて心に響くスリリングな作品!

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◆Immigrant Ebook(移民 電子ブック) for World Diversity!!
Copyright c Shouzou Tahara

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