Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Nation Of Nations1945

▼A Nation Of Nations1945)  by Louis Adamic

  It has long been customary for many Americans, including writers of history, to regard the United States as an "Anglo-Saxon-Protestant civilization struggling to preserve itself against infltration and adulteration by other civilizations brought here by "hordes of foreigners" and Negroes.“The are two ways of looking at our history. One is this: that the United States is an Anglo-Saxon country with a white Protestant Anglo-Saxson civilization struggling to preserve iself against infiltration and adulteration by other civilizations brought here by Negroes and hordes of "foreigners."

   To Mr.Adamic this is a dangerous fallacy, certain to bring us to grieaf in both domestic and foreign affairs, should any substantial proportion of Americans persist in dangerously mistaken beliefs regarding many of their fellow citizens.

  Challenging the idea that the United States is exclusively an "Anglo-Saxon" country, Mr.Adamic has produced an exciting new kind of history based on an abundance of long-neglected, though tremendously important facts.

  The cultural pattern of the United States is not essentially Anglo-Saxon although her language is English. Nor is the pattern Anglo-Saxon with a motley addition of "foreign" darns and patches. The pattern of American, says Mr.Adamic,is all of a piece, is American. It the blend of cultures from many lands, woven of threads from many corners of the world. Diversity itself is the pattern, is the stuff and color of the fabric, and one of the most important sources of our strength.

  In other words, ours is a new civilization, of course owing mich as well to the other elements in our heritage and growth, to the unique qualities and forces which stem from the sweep of the continent between two oceans, the mixture and interplay of our peoples, the plentitude of our resources, and the skills which all of us - Britons, Irishmen,Frenchmen, Scandinavians, Slavs, Latins, Negros - Protestans, Catholics, Jews, agnostics - have brought here or developed here in the past three hundred years.

  A NATION OF NATION - based on seven years' research, readable as a fine novel - is Louis Adamic's twelfth and perhaps most important book. Coming at a crucial time in history, it is a vital cotnribution to the individual and collective reorientation required of the American people by a rapidly changing world. It is a book that Americans of all national, ratial and religious backgrounds will be reading and refereings to for dacades to come.

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